We were best friends in college with no interest in one other until one day we realized we could probably stand to date each other. After dating for almost two years we got married and lived happily ever after…not quite. Actually, four months later we found ourselves in a long distance relationship from Ohio to California.

The past two years have been a very wild ride,  full of love, fun, downs as well as up, pain, excitement, tears of both sadness and joy and an extreme test of our faith. We fell in love young and married just as young but who’s to say there is a proper age for either of those things? To make our lives even crazier we both have unorthodox dreams that we are itching to turn into reality.

As a couple, we believe it is important to encourage others to be brave, trust your heart and have faith in  following the path The Lord already has set out for you.

Our blog will have the both male and female perspective in different aspects of our interests as well as personal rants from both parties. We love fitness, food and fun!

Pursue what you love. Money will never give you the same fulfillment as the satisfaction of reaching your goals.



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